Aerial Video & Photography


At Brink we are very proud to offer full 4K aerial video recording (that’s 4x the quality of HD video), along with with top quality still photography.

Our aerial video team includes a fully licensed and Civil Aviation Authority approved drone pilot and a video director. This 2 man team allows the pilot to focus on flying the drone and the director to control the camera and achieve truly cinematic results.

We can provide aerial video services for businesses, events, properties, even flying indoors for warehouses and event halls. Why not get in touchand see how our aerial video service can work for you.

We also offer aerial photography services perfect for helping to sell a property and real estate, showcasing a holiday home or on your businesses brochure.

Our drones can also be used for aerial land surveying along with building inspection, offering a safe and quick way to visualise hard to access areas. We can provide video, photos and even 3D Models of the area and buildings.


  • Full 4K video capture.
  • Cinema-grade drones.
  • Fully CAA approved with £5m specialist public liability cover.
  • 2 man drone crew.
  • High-quality photography.
  • Cinematic results to take the breath away.