Business Digital Growth Strategy


Feeling lost running a business in a digital-first world? Trying to understand what you do and don’t need from a growing list including Websites, Social Media, Video Marketing, Pay Per Click, S.E.O, Content Marketing and more.

Alex and the team at Brink Media can help by taking a look at your business and helping you with a clear and simple digital strategy. Helping you to maximise your business digitally without lots of jargon.

We sit down with you once a month (More regularly if you wish) for around a 2-hour meeting. We look at your business goals, what you’re currently doing in digital and help you come up with an effective plan and teach you how to implement it.

No 2 businesses are the same but the goal for most businesses we work with is simple “I want to make more money from my business”. We start by looking at your Website, Social Media Pages, Mailing lists and other digital parts of your business. We make a plan on how to improve all of these elements and make them work together to promote your business and sell more products. We love it when we can help business spend less money on advertising and still increase their bottom line.

It’s not just planning and strategy, what makes our service unique is we have real technical knowledge. In some cases, we have spent our meeting fixing problems on clients Social Media pages or Websites and teaching them along the way. Our goal is for businesses to grow in the digital world.


It all starts with working out what your business goals are. Some businesses want to make more money others want to help people and some want to be famous. Setting goals will grow your business.


Looking at your website to make sure it’s effective for your business. Make sure it is mobile friendly and responsive.


Social Media is a giant and something we are experts on. We can help your business grow and achieve more with effective Social Media Campaigns.


S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) one of the most important things to make sure your business is found online. This makes up a large part of a digital strategy.


You can pay to advertise on so many platforms from Google Search to Facebook. From only a few pounds per day. A correctly set up campaigning is cost effective and delivers a real return on investment.