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Social Media Advertising

Social Media websites have access to an audience of billions, we can create adverts that target the people most likely to become your customer. Adverts that catch peoples eyes. Adverts that increase your sales and grow your business.

Social Media Remarketing

Only a small number of visitors buy from an e-commerce website on the first visit and forget to come back to buy from you again. Remarketing allows us to remind them to come back to your website.

Social Media Videos

All Social Media platforms want more video and reward businesses for using it. Video has much higher engagement than any other post type. We are very proud to have an in-house video team ready to produce content for your business.

Content Creation

Content is the most important part of your social media. You need to give people a reason to follow your page. The main reason someone follows a page is quality content they are interested in.

About Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing service combines social media paid advertising with organic quality content and social media videos to engage with audiences and increase your brand awareness, sales and leads.

Social Media Advertising is one of the best marketing methods online as you can benefit from all the data collected by social media networks to target audiences who are most likely to become a customer. By building audiences and researching your products and services we can provide a much higher ROI (Return on investment) than traditional marketing. It’s also much easier to track sales and see exactly where your money is best spent.

Audiences can be based on demographics such as age, location and gender, job titles, interests, relationships, parental status, income and much more.

Remarketing is another very powerful tool to use when advertising on social media. Remarketing allows us to show products to people who visited your website but didn’t buy, we can also target upsell products to people based on what they did buy from you helping to turn them into a repeat customer.

How does it work?


The first stage in creating your social media marketing campaign is understanding how your business works, where you want to grow and what you want more of. We know it can feel complicated and do everything we can to make it clear and easy to understand.

To start we plan a meeting at our offices in Louth, Lincolnshire or we are happy to come and see you.

We discuss what you need from your campaign and what you would like to get from it. We also talk about what is possible and what we think would help your business.

After this meeting, we take all our notes and everything you have said and produce a project proposal. This is made up of a brief explaining exactly what we are going to do and is sent to you for approved along with an itemised quote so you know exactly what the project will cost

Strategy & Research

After we have worked out your goals, we start researching and planning for your campaign. We look at your competitors, current customers and what currently works and doesn’t work for you.

We also look into where your time and money is best spent on social media. We work out what products and servers are going to work on which social media platforms and how best to target your audience.

We also look at what media elements will get the best engagement for your business this could be text, photography, video or animation.

Design & Creation

Once we know what we need to achieve from your goals and we know how we are going to do it from the plans and research. We can move on to the fun and creative part, the design and creation of your adverts.

Your adverts can take a number of forms from simple text to photos, videos and animations. We keep up to date with all the new ways to advertise and experiment with the best placements for your adverts.

We are always monitoring and testing to make sure your ads work. Once the ads are designed nothing is set in stone. If people don’t react to an advert as we expected we change it. This is an ongoing process, as our client, we keep creating and running ads inline with your campaign.


Once the campaign is up and running and has started to create sales and new enquires we start on reporting. This is an ongoing process that lasts as long as your campaign.

We look at how many people view and engage with your adverts, how many people turn in to customers, get in touch with you or take other actions on your websites.

We use all this data to improve your adverts and reduce your cost per sale. We also have regular meetings with you and your team to speak about what is going on, how your money is being spent and what results we are getting and how we can improve the results even more.

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