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Our Video Production Services

Corporate Films

Why tell people what your company does when you can show them. Our corporate films promote your business and show people how amazing you really are.

Animated Video

Don’t think your business suites video or your services are hard to show on camera. An animated film is perfect to highlight hard to explain businesses and demonstrate complicated services in a simple way.

Adverts / Commercials

Marketing is our main goal at Brink, we have created adverts for use online for social media and YouTube but also adverts for TV and Cinema. Telling the world about your business is what we do best.

Social Media Video

Social Media is becoming more and more about video. We use our combined knowledge of Video Production and Social Media Marketing to create a buzz around your business, products and services.

About Video Production

500 million people on Facebook watch videos every day, and 10 billion watch them on Snapchat!  Video content is some of the easiest to consume.

Quality video is a quick and easy way to explain what your business and show people why they need your product or services. Video adverts convert higher with less cost than most other forms of adverts. Videos can also be used to increase interest in your products and create a hype about you and what you are doing.

How does it work?

The Plan

Before we can film anything we need to understand your goals and what you want to achieve with your video. For most people, this is business growth, more leads, more sales etc. However other businesses simply want to example their services better or get more awareness.

Once we know your goals we can put together a video proposal that will show exactly what we will create for you along with a breakdown of any costs so you know exactly what you are paying for.


Once the proposal has been approved we can start filming. You can be involved in the filming or not, some clients like to come out with us when filming and experience life behind the camera, others are happy to just send us to location and let us take care of it all.

We film everything in Full HD or 4K by our professional camera crew all of which have years of experience filming everything from Corporate films to TV Adverts and Programs to Music videos, Events and more.


When filming is complete we take all of the footage back to our Edit Work Station in our Louth Office. Your video is edited and cut with Music, Voiceover other provided footage and graphics to produce a high-quality film you can be proud to show.

You are welcome in our office to view the film and even sit in on the edit if you wish.

Your Finished Film

Once the film is compleated we send you a draft edit for approval. We make any changes you require and then hand over the finished film in full quality. We also work with you to get the film put on your social media accounts, website and anywhere else you want to display it.

If needed we can also produce a diffrent version of the film to be used on different social media platforms, for example, a square 30 second version to be used on Instagram.

Sounds Good?

Lets get started on your new video.

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